Southeast City

With some homes dating back centuries, these neighborhoods boast some of Santa Fe’s most photographed adobe homes and gardens. Hosting a mix of multi-generational families and newcomers, the homes are often hidden behind high walls and accessed by narrow, dirt lanes.  The area recalls the city’s early history  unique heritage. Mountain views are scarce here, but authenticity and atmosphere dominate.

Canyon Road

Long famous for its world-class galleries, restaurants, and specialty shops, Canyon Road has become one of Santa Fe’s most popular attractions. Upper Canyon Road has long-established residences and the Randall Davey Audubon Center, encompassing 135 acres and miles of hiking trails, a nature store, and the historic house of artist Randall Davey.

Guadalupe Historic District

Bordered on the east by the ancient Santuario de Guadalupe, the end of the Camino Real, and in the west by St. Francis Drive, this little neighborhood is a collection of beautifully-renovated adobes and up-and-comers. The lots are small and tidy. Short walking distance from the Plaza, shops and a quaint movie theater.

Old Santa Fe Trail

Stretching from the heart of Santa Fe to the state of Missouri, this historic westward route has carried thousands to the Southwest. In Santa Fe, Old Santa Fe Trail boasts gracious, adobe homes and newer architectural wonders on a terrain dotted with an abundance of pinon and juniper trees. Its “museum district” houses the Museum Of International Folk Art , the Museum Of Indian Arts and Culture, and the Wheelwright Museum Of The American Indian.

Old Pecos Trail

Bordered on the northeast by Old Santa Fe Trail and in the southwest by the South Capitol area, the length of this road comprises a professional district and established neighborhoods with spacious homes. St. Vincent’s hospital is located here, as are many of the doctors’ offices.

South Capitol

Established in the early part of the 20th century to accommodate the growing railroad industry, this area has many different architectural styles. From bungalows to brick homes to older adobes, the different styles all work together to create a lovely mosaic. The trees are old and large, the sidewalks broad and well-planned. Wood Gormley elementary school is centrally located.